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The Traditional Karate Forms of Kata

We are teaching several Okinawa traditional forms of Kata at Tokyo Dojo. The two most well known forms of Kata are “Sanchin” and “Nifanchin”. If one performs a repetitive practice of Kata diligently enough, one will acquire a strong constitution of mind and body. One with a constitutionally calm state of mind integrated with a constitutionally strong body, might not be disturbed even on a battle field.

If one’s Kata attains such a high constitutional level, one can easily control one’s opponent without muscle power. If an attacker can not continue an attack, but collapses to the ground like a puppet instead, we call this circumstance a “neutralization”.

Any Dojo student can naturally acquire a martial constitution by practicing these traditional Karate forms of Kata. Students also achieve a state of physical integration in which the movements of their limbs are linked to the center of their body. This integration also provides calmness of mind.

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詳しくは大坪英臣道場長著『心を使う 右脳の空手』(風雲舎)』

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