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Karate of Harmony

If we accept that that a secret is taking advantage of time difference in brain system, the problem is how you able to catch a subtle time difference and react against the attack quickly enough before the attacker recognizes it. The secret must be there in hard practice of Kata as Kancho has been carrying out.

Let me touch upon this secret of Shingikan Karate from a rather theoretical point of view.

The Karate of Shingikan could be referred to as “Karate of Harmony”. Here is how harmony can infuse the martial art of Karate, which then basically becomes a means for controlling an attacker.

I do believe that activation of a defender’s right brain is essential for neutralization, as shown in Mr Yasue’s experiment. One of the means for achieving this activation is through a defender evoking a strong feeling of inner harmony. If a defender could synchronize with an attacker’s psyche harmoniously, a subtle barrier between attacker and defender would evaporate, merging into unity.

In this manner, as an attacker perceives a sense of harmony emanating from a synchronous defender, he also perceives a sense that he is attacking himself instead of the defender. It is natural that he hesitates to attack himself. The action of his attack will thus be interrupted half-way through it.

Again, this is a hypothetical explanation, so a key question becomes; how does a defender synchronize harmoniously with an attacker? One way is through a defender’s repetitive body movements becoming naturally refined by traditional Kata, which could in turn cultivate a calm state of serenity in the defender’s mind and heart, thereby activating his right brain.

Another way is by a defender cogitating or meditating upon a mindful feeling-state of synchronous harmony. Synchronous harmony as merely a concept can not affect anything on a physical level. The feeling-state must be strong enough to cause physical effects upon the defender, effects which are strong enough to specifically activate his right brain.

In Shingikan Karate, students actually train, through traditional Kata, to engage an attacker with heart and mind, as well as with body. When a well-trained defender fully and sincerely engages an attacker with synchronous harmony, his own right brain could be activated, and as a result the attacker is then neutralized. As if by an intervening harmonious power – of love.

By instinctively reacting with only brute physical force to an attack, a defender can never neutralize an attacker. Rather, a defender must meet an attacker’s aggression with serenity, composure, by NOT responding in the same aggressive manner as that opponent’s attack. By reacting in an aggressive manner, I think both defender’s and attacker’s respective cerebrums each fail to become activated.

By remaining cool, calm and collected, however, a defender’s inner harmony may disarm an attack, thereby ending it.

There are many Karate schools. However, I think there are only a few Karate schools that teach receivers how to engage their attackers in such a disarming manner.

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