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Emergence of Shingo Asayama, Director of Shingikan Karate

Shingo Asayama is now Kancho (Director) of the Shingikan School of Karate. In his youth, he had become one of the leading competitors in the sports world of Karate.

In his twenties, Kancho had been doing very intensive muscle training in pursuit of greater strength. As a result of this intensive muscle training, though, he suffered from severe back pain due to an inadvertent imbalance of muscular distribution. He became unable to continue combative Karate due to his back pain, and was even unable to stand comfortably or to walk without a cane.

Kancho had almost decided to quit Karate. However, he determined that Karate itself is not wrong, but his way of practicing Karate was wrong. Eventually, Kancho decided to abandon only the combative aspect of Karate.

Instead of combative Karate, he began practicing a traditional Karate Kata (fixed formation of movement), which he could barely perform with a disabled body. Nevertheless, Kancho continued to practice this traditional Kata while enduring his back pain.

One day during his routine practice of Nifanchin, one of the traditional Karate forms of Kata, a joint in his back made a sound. His low back pain, which he had accepted might be lifelong, had suddenly disappeared. Kancho’s back had regained normal function and at the same time, he had also unexpectedly gained a unique “power”.

He discovered that he could observe “multiple glowing spots” on and even outer space of his opponent’s body. Then, if Kancho placed his limbs or even a finger on any glowing spot, the opponent naturally collapsed. There was no need for a strong counter-attack. Just placing his limbs on a glowing point would collapse his opponent.

Thereafter, Kancho began walking along the path of Karate as a martial artist at the deep level of ancient traditions. He quickly reached to the level of a master in his early thirties.

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